Yogi, Ram Rajya and a ‘Political Hindu’ Paradigm 

The Yogi’s appointment as CM is a shock doctrine application of a leader which staunch Hindutva credentials. Such a decision would be unthinkable even in 2014. This is keeping in mind the elections in Gujarat, MP and Chattisgarh as these are the fortresses to win again. A certain Hindutva politics is mainstream in these states, … More Yogi, Ram Rajya and a ‘Political Hindu’ Paradigm 


In the era of now Bringing money on the table Buys respect More people Fewer Opportunities In Academia, is grants In the private sector Is called Business Development In the Non Profit space It’s known as Fund Raising The bottom line is the green back Bitcoin or not Money is the fuel of the engine … More Money.

A quip on scholarship 

Scholarship is not a popularity contest. It cannot be equated with Facebook shares and retweets.It takes real hard work to publish a top tier paper. We cannot bring in reality TV metrics into academic life. Outreach and Scholarship are both vital.