Article 15; A Movie Review

Article 15 is a master class handling a sensitive topic such as entrenched caste discrimination in Northern India. It takes a saviour lens to the topic with a Stephenian Delhi Boy Character taking on caste based power hierarchies in delivering justice to disenfranchised members of subaltern community In Uttar Pradesh.

The film has amazing documentary style cinematography and background score with solid performances. Ayushmann has another winner.

The strength of the film is in its dialogues and screenplay. It shows how many India’s reside in parallel, with Instagram and Watsapp, co-inhibit worlds of caste cauldron and Hindutva consolidation. This particular juxtaposition is the heart of the film. The film has shades of Dibakar directed Shanghai where politics and bureaucratic rot intersections are present.

Good films with a social message do work.

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