A Walk Down Modernity: Dubai Creek Photo Essay

A long walk along the Bur Dubai Creek from the new Al Seef Waterfront, glitzy like Al Mouj in Muscat to the old part of the creek, via the Al Seef Heritage Village which is a very family friendly place with a whole host of restaurants and shopping options including a Singaporean restaurant called Kim’s. The space reminded me of Makansutra in Singapore with its emphasis on heritage within the global marketplace. The cultural element was quite a highlight with the kahwa and the dates.

The other end of the creek was the historic Bur Dubai Spice Market, and the Creek Abra, or Water Taxi Station with the bustle of Meena Bazaar. The Bank of Baroda Building really stood out. I remembered Rahul Dravid being the brand ambassador of the bank once upon a time with the tagline- India’s International Bank. With the Chanda Kochchar Scandal, those were innocent times.

The constant hustling of the sales folk, were a reminder of fashion street, Bandra in Bombay. The place also was reminiscent of Mutrah Souk in Muscat. Places converge in the consciousness as idioms overlap, reminding us of our need for a shared future.

The traditional focus point of Commerce, the creek is a sliding scale from traditional Modernity to Global Modernity in a span of 6 kilometres return. The hustle at one end to the calm realm at the newly done waterfront is a unique spatiotemporal compression, where the global now meets the global past.


@ Al Seef Dubai

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