The Children of Gold

Children who grow up in the Gulf are a cocooned species, within the family, community events and schools. The Father is usually overworked and too worried about his next mortgage payment to worry about his kids. The kids of south Asian decent grow up speaking better English and Arabic rather than Malayalam. Hometown visits once in a year or two are rituals in growing up non resident in the Gulf. The play station and FIFA become his best friend, or the latest series on Netflix. The weekly trip to Lulu or the Church/Temple is the extent of social interaction in physicality. The brief playing around in the clothes section at Lulu in a very impromptu manner is one of the simple pleasures of Gelf life.

There is a hollowness about growing up here, I did and I did not love it until I realised way later in life that my parents bled their rials to raise me up. My father did not make it to my commencement at NUS nor at Waljat, but he paid for my education. The precarious life of the Temporary People has its unique characteristics. The children of the Gelf expat bears it in his or her lived experience.

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