The Summer Slam: IPL Tamasha

IPL is the prime time summer theatre of ‘New India’ created by a certain Modi. Gripping, Delusional and Rootless, exemplifies the consumerism in the country. The franchises are companies with no local base and as a seasonal commodity, at times it seems that foreign players are playing against each other aimlessly. IPL destabilises the notion of loyalty in sport. It is a made for TV/Digital product with little of team sport. The tournament creates celebrities as commodities which are ultimately auctioned off. Commodities are products in the marketplace. IPL is a simulacrum, almost WWE-esque, scripted but the saving grace is the young talent which get the platform and the money, otherwise where would we find Rashid Khan from Afghanistan?

Karak Tales Over Chai

I am starting this series called #karakchaitales where so much happens over a 100 bz chai in the Gulf. Melting pots of banter, these are places to socialise in the region where affordable places to hang out are mostly in shopping malls where the beverage is 15x more pricey.

So what has been your Karak Chai story so far?

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