The Conversation Gap: disconnect in political participation

I notice a lot of chatter on social media platforms regarding civic activism on twitter and facebook regarding the recent rape in Delhi, the un necessary chatter about Foreign Direct Investment in Organised Retail and the o fcourse the latest flavor of the season whether its cricket or Bollywood  keep on shifting. One thing is constant, that the online space has provided which the mainstream does not. What option does a working professional have in expressing his interest in public life apart from shouting on social media? 

The mainstream political entities are incredibly dynastical in character, getting an electoral ticket from my assembly seat would be almost as hard for a middle class guy such as me as reaching the moon. And i am not kidding, the extent of money power, muscle and connections matter in Indian political life, make it the profession or a calling with the highest entry barrier. 

The young, educated and concerned citizen is relegated to a silent spectators on the stands of a Democratic Gladiatorial Theater. Well, the fortunate few join Think Tanks in Delhi like CPR, Observer, Vivekanada Foundation can still play a part in shaping the national conversation. Academia is another way, but again restrictive in nature. Media is a way, but the influence is again only at the high table. Political Parties are simply incapable of attracting the best professional talent for political activism in the current scenario. The Civic Society oriented Kejriwal led AAP is a beacon of hope, but its efficacy is still to be evaluated. Still, this is a positive development in an Island of Gloom.

I most certainly feel disenfranchised in the world’s so called largest democracy which at best a dynastocracy with divisive and parochial agendas which the ideology of the significant players. Can the Middle Class which sleeps, finally have a voice?

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