Redefining Secularism- time to chart a new course?

This post has been inspired by a friend’s post on this very topic of Secularism. This is not a retort but a ideologically heterodox individual’s perspective that the issues of today are beyond narrow ideological construct of the Left and the Right. There is something right regarding the left and vice versa as per the period of history that one is treading through cautiously. The Word Secular has been abused to the extent that its original essence of a plural and inclusive polity has been bastardized beyond recognition. The term ‘Communal’ is used to tarnish anyone who is proud of a Hindu Heritage. Its usually utilized liberally by the folks of the liberal elite. 

Secularism’s definition is broken- all that the notion stands for today is vote bank politics of caste and parochial identities. Its idea needs to be restored to its original essence of the 1976 amendment to the preamble. The Idea of a plural and inclusive polity depends upon the edifice of secularism. 

A drastic requirement is there of this very hour to save Indian Politics from a static rhetorical rut, a bankruptcy of intellectual energies which is leading us to a paralysis in our discourse. We simply cannot think beyond the binary structures of Left and Right;  ‘Sickular’ and Communal.

There needs to be a realization that folks do vote for the Right as well as vote for the communists in this nation. The Secular Politicians from Maharashtra do travel to Pandharpur very year and so too the Right Wing Politicians who pay homage to their respective shrines. Very Few are Manishankar Iyer who worship at the altar of Secularism and pay respects to 10 Janpath. Well, that’s Idol Worship of a kind too.

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