The English Language Media in India needs a re-boot

I have been an avid news industry watcher since i am six or seven years old and i a’nt kiddin folks.  My childhood idols were Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai, and i had a crush on Mishal Hussein ; the newscaster on BBC World. I breathe and live news. Over some time now, the fine line between reality tv and genuine news is blurred in the mad rush over trps and in turn ad placements. Sometimes it is very difficult to believe any story on the media. NDTV seems to having a clear Congress orientation while Zee like the Express group has a rightest BJP esque inclination.  The Guhawati incident has left me shell shocked in the understanding to what extent channels can stoop for trp’s like the regional tv reporter did.

It is so important for the viewer to analyse the news for oneself. Be disenchanted and critical.  Arnab of Times Now follows a Fox News type editorial policy, which neither ‘Clear’ nor ‘Balanced’ as the Fox News USA motto goes. Arnab is a Sociologist influenced by the Foucault school, which is post structuralist. He seems to shout down participants instead of engaging them in a discussion.

Alternative media platforms are emerging which are too niche for my liking. I admire Caravan, Open Magazine and Tehelka but they are too elitist in my opinion.  Al Jazeera is cool, but how many Indians watch it?

Its about time that we have our own Al Jazeera


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