Globalization and Social Enterprise: Unholy Marriage?

There is an interesting line which i read in Aseem Srivastava and Ashish Kothari’s timely book on Development, Environment and Globalization issues called as ” Churning the Earth: The Making of a Global India. The line was implying that the huge surge in Microfinance is not because all the poor want to start shops and small ventures but because multilateral financial institutions having a share in the pie. Social Ventures either run on CSR grant funds or on philanthropic donations. Very few social ventures actually break even on selling some service or product. Either way these are all ultimately tied in to the commodity value chain in the neo liberal system.

With the advent of Globalization and Information Communication Technologies, Social Entrepreneurship has been catapulted to the world stage. Social Innovation uses the tools of the market economy with altruistic developmental sector aims and aspires to meet social needs. The same set of folks who criticize the market economy for its ills, do not hesitate to take in their funds to fun their social ventures. The power lies in the hands of the folks who pays for the bills.  So, it is the capitalist who dictates the terms in the socialist sector. 

I am happy if a few livelihoods are improved even it is a unholy match as Chairman Mao once said: A Cat whether Black or White is effective as long as it catches mice. It is the impact that matters. Lets cut the hippocracy and concentrate on the impact. 

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