A coronation coming up? India and Dynastic Politics

Yesterday we heard the news that Madam Sonia Gandhiji, is in the United States for a medical surgery. We wish the great Indian leader, a speedy and a safe recovery. The bigger story is the appointment of Rahul Gandhiji to a four member panel to oversee party affairs in the absence of the Congress. This is very much anticipated as Rahulji has been the ‘Crown Prince’ since a while, while the present Prime Minister Dr. Singh is preparing the ground for him.  Indian Politics is completely monarchic in character. It is all the relations of politicians who contest elections right from the Zilla Panchayat to Sansad Bhawan.  Murli Deora exited the cabinet, and his son entered the council of ministers. Pranab Da’s son entered the regional legislature, Chidambaram’s son is already a politico. ‘Son Stroke’ is an affliction even in the opposition benches; Jaswant Singh’s son to Mulayam Singh’s ward are all in the fray. Its all a Family affair- resembling the film ‘Hum Sath Saath Hain’. It is indeed a total Barjatya production.

Rahulji is being making quite a splash in the media with his taking on the Mayawati regime in Lucknow, he is trying to revive the congress in many parts of the country.  He has failed miserably in Bihar and Tamil Nadu. He is no match via a vis a Narendra Modi or a Yashwant Sinha or a Jaswant Singh. He is a tolerable orator, I guess he is a better organizational man than a mass leader. Priyanka Gandhi is much better. I would pitch for him as he is certainly a better bet than a third front loser from the regional satraps.

There are many potential ‘market entry barriers’ for the educated common folks to join politics, until that time- Rahulji is certainly a good bet.

6 thoughts on “A coronation coming up? India and Dynastic Politics

  1. Nice piece of writing but isn’t the whole of sub-continent is looking forward to the coronation? However, in the second para I found your statements contradictory.

  2. Nice POV. Rahulji is the young blood which India wants. With an average age of 25 years(I think) I hope his entry will bring in more young blood with more than just their fathers laurels(or lack thereof) to ride on…I wonder whether the country is desperate to risk Rahul or has Congress burned too many bridges?

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