Why Arab Dictators are really bad at history

First it was Saddam Hussein Al Tikriti who stood up to the US and its allies and was sent to the gallows. Of course he had made the fatal error to enter Kuwait, which he erroneously had considered the 19th province of Iraq. The badly judged invasion in 1990, caused an Arab powerhouse to falter and come under UN Sanctions which killed thousands in the dearth of healthcare and food supplies.  He was couped up in a hole when the US forces captured him and sent him to a trail whose decision was a foregone conclusion. In the aftermath of the revolutionary Arab Spring, strongman Hosni Mubarak and his sons plus cronies are facing trail whose sentence has already been printed, the trail is for media consumption.  Both have many parallel’s- military background, secular credentials and were buffers against the rise of a Shia Iran. Rumsfeld was a good friend of the Bathist regiime in the 1980’s during the conflict with its neighbor.  The gravest error which Saddam made was to attack an Oil rich southern cousins, and the Al Sabah’s are long time US Allies since the 1950’s.

Ideological Bathist cousins in the Alawite administration of Bashar Al Assad is reeling under a revolt which it is crushing violently as demonstated in the Hama Ramadan eve massacre. Syria is a difficult cuppa to handle because of its close relations with Iran and hence the Hezbollah and Hamas. It is a powerkeg on the boil, waiting to explode. A Burmese Junta indeed in the making. The same goes for Mr. Gaddafi and his clan. Gaddafi’s are fighting to the end, and I do not think they will be even provided a dignified exit in a International Criminal Court Trial as Mr. Milosovic of Serbia. The Bahrain Government is recruiting Baluchi fighters from Pakistan to quell the Shia rebellion and Saudi Police are always there to help. It will well on its way to being a satellite state of Saudi Arabia, the King Fahad Causeway will only be a technical demarcation now.

The Old Guard of the Cold War era have almost receded in to the shadows of history. It is time that Bahrain and Syrian regimes alter trajectory to save face.   Syria and Bahrain are known to progressive, secular arab regimes, now it has the danger to be the newest Hamas’es of the explosive region. Bahrain’s envoy to DC is a Jew!

History is indeed a great teacher, only if its students are ready to take a leaf out of it.

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