Governance Tipping Points- time to wake up?

Politics and Governance needs a major rebooting of the software which runs our everyday lives (I talk about this aspect quite often as we live in less resilient world than the previous generation and good leadership is the need of the hour ). Corruption is a malignant cancer all through out the developing world, cripples development, drive people in to desperation and catalyzes civil strife. The problem is not with democracy, the problem is with the electorate. It is very simple; no pain, no gain. The middle class is perched in the bliss of everyday life enough to be distracted by the rot at the top of the pyramid. The poor are simply too helpless  to act, sadly. The middle class will only wake up politically when the bare essentials will be taken away from them and when they will not be able to send their children to school or bring dal and roti to the table.

The political elite are all a cartel, an attempt par excellence in self preservation. Food Insecurity, Terrorism, Job Creation and Climate Change are all mega trends that needs a new dynamic of governance; an engaged participatory networked meritocracy where popular buy-in is present. This point has been emphasized by the rising profile of ministerial portfolios in India such as Rural Development and Environment rather than the traditional power posts in Finance and Defense.

Lets start thinking about the change, today.

(This is an Idea Post)

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