The School called Life…

We wake up everyday in the morning with hopes, apprehensions and a sense that life maintains itself through a pattern of days and the work associated with it. As an almost twenty five year old grad student, with a passion to make a tangible difference in the community and society I live in, albeit in a tiny portion, finding my footing is a challenging emotional and personal journey. Life is a good slave but a bad master. There is no default button on the dashboard of our lives. We are a product of serendipity, luck and efforts which we make everyday. Given that I have read three different academic domains at the tertiary level, because of the sheer fact that I have diverse interests and my parents wanted to have a humanities oriented engineer at home, who is rather comfortable in writing and doing research rather than doing engineering process design courses at the graduate level (I am a masters degree holder in engg, i do not know how but that’s the fate I have !)

Finding a niche is indeed a work in progress, as I believe that a person has to create himself an indispensable skill-set for the hire and fire job space, where life long employment is a struggle to manage. We are truly in a generation where an evolutionary social Darwinian transformation is occurring. Creating a stable niche in all the psychological chaos is indeed a crucible for innovation. We learn a lot more in the time during college through social learning mechanisms than through blackboard and the whiteboard/projected slides in the lecture theater. Student clubs, creating projects, internships, travelling and learning through social media channels are the stuff which molded me. Our peers teach us or break us. To paraphrase, Martin Luther King Junior; its always the small creative minority who are always making the change happen rather than warming the pews in the Cathedral of life, where we have to attend Church because it is a social obligation and not because prayer (analogous to opportunity) is the reason why they are around.

Life is too short to waste, every day is a blessing and obstacles are opportunities in disguise. A perspective shift is indeed a paradigm shift. Find a niche, enjoy the chaos and create value for the brother in need in your housing estate. Every day is new a semester in the institution called life.

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