The Silent Counter Revolution reaches the States in India

This is a major day in Indian electoral history, the longest running democratically elected communist government on the plant for 34 long years is walking out of Writers Building and today Alimuddin Street- the Left HQ in Kolkata is very sparsely populated with scribes. It was a personality centric presidential style poll for change,  India’s Lech Walesa – the Trinamool Congress Supremo- Mamata Banerjee has brought the Red Empire down. It is a mandate for change, a generation which has not seen anything apart from Communists in power.  Post Singur and Nandigram, the Trinamool captured half the seats in 2009 parliamentary polls and today is the culmination of that paradigm shift in Government.

Madam J Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu has been brought to power with a coalition with DMDK and the left. This mandate is in response to the family politics and corruption scandal post the 2G Scam.  The people have voted against the status quo. But the day belongs to Mamata Banerjee, street fighter extraordinare, who challenged the mighty left and made them bite dust.

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