The real essence of electoral democracy: the spirit of governance

As we have just seen another PAP landslide in to parliament with its margins reduced and with the historic entry of five men from Al Juneid GRC from the opposition’s elite team beating a star players from the PAP which includes brilliant Foreign Minister Yeo and other cabinet level talent. The question is that in the pursuit for opposition voices in Parliament, which is indeed healthy for dialogue  in a democratic set-up, governance will take a back seat. In India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other developing nations where these are so called vibrant democracies, electioneering with done at its best, but Governance; which is the software of a nation state, takes a back seat. So, its democracy sans objective. In Malaysia, due to the affirmative action policies; minorities are migrating in droves as well as the affluent indian who does not get an admit due to being an upper caste, in-spite of having the merit and talent. This is the outcome of a democracy.

In so called first world parliament’s like UK and Belgium; policy gridlocks are the name of the game.  Unholy ideological alliances are made to stay in power. Singapore is what Singapore is because of the elite talent at the top, although i agree no system is perfect and there is always a room for improvement. Health care and living costs are certainly legitimate causes which effect lives on a day to day basis.

The eye in a democracy should be on making peoples lives better, and meritocracy and clean government does help.

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