Technology, International Development and Social Innovation- A new conversation

Today I am getting back to one the  core ideological pillars of this ideation platform- Social Innovation and International Development. Yesterday I was a Facilitator and Speaker at Symposium Neue Thinken II- A Social Innovation Event of the AIESEC NUS Projects Team of which I was the research director and one of the co-founders of the project itself. It was an amazing event bringing together change agents and social entrepreneurs like Bernise of SYNC, Aseem of Give,sg and Cindy of Eco Travel Services on a single page.  It was a treat interacting with speakers, the organizing team and the enthusiastic participants spending a valuable Saturday prior to the NUS Exam Season with us.

Technology is the leveler to catalyze systemic services to the bottom billion. But its Sociology that shapes society and its nature of use. We have to use the Design Thinking approach to create products and services that are user centric for the people at the resource poor social strata. This article is the beginning of a conversation in this area of thought intersecting-leveraging technology, entrepreneurial spirit and global  issues like access to water and low cost health care to create systemic change one community at a time.

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