Why Obama should get a second term in 2012- an Americanophile ‘s petition

Barack Hussein Obama came to office in 2009 with a message of change and of hope; the first african american to hold office was it self monumental in nature. His historic address in Berlin laid the pitch for a rock star president to enter office. He came in at a time of great crisis…The mess in Iraq and Af-Pak along with the sub-prime depression with partisan politicking does not make a ideal start to a presidential stint. Obama is a thinker, an intellectual who was the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review, taught Constitutional Law  at Chicago Law School and had authored two best sellers before he entered office. He is said to think too long before he takes a decision on a critical matter, finds consensus and middle ground in all his legislative battles and policy disputes. This latest Libya Crisis is a test case, he is said to have acted too late and has France take the lead in the civil war situation. His major achievement to date is the passage of the Health care legislation, although drastically watered down due to the heated debate over universal healthcare and the Tea Party grass roots movement whose face is Ms. Palin (Her supporters got the mandate in the mid term polls) and has laid the ground work for a presidential bid in 2012.

The Tea Party movement has grown in strength due to the apparent in-effectiveness of Obama to convert his promises into reality. But getting legislation through congress in a partisan atmosphere is next to impossible in its original context sans compromises. Although Obama has not closed Gitmo, or made significant headway in withdrawing troops from Afghanistan or on gay rights.. He exudes an aura of positivist sentiment  conveyed by his Nobel address. His efforts in bridging understanding between the Islamic and Western Civilizations by his Cairo and Jakarta keynote speeches are monumental. His aggressive policies to promote clean tech and science & tech tertiary education are a significant step towards America regaining lost territory in Innovation. His 2011 State of the Union Address was a stunner! The man has a vision, probably a man ahead of his time ala Jimmy Carter. According to present sentiment in the US..Obama is not going to get a second term in Office (I hope he does; he needs time to implement his vision) , May be he will be a good one term president that laid the ground work for a vibrant post war America… America needs a thinker in office not a reality show star and small town beauty queen…

2 thoughts on “Why Obama should get a second term in 2012- an Americanophile ‘s petition

  1. are you freaking kidding me?! Needs time to implement his vision?? More like more time to run this country even FURTHER into the ground while bringing us closer to the new world order. You try to talk like you are smart but if you really feel like this about obama you are a fool. people like you make me sick.

  2. Dear Friend, thank you for your feedback…I appreciate and acknowledge your outlook…I do understand that the picture in american politics is partisan and i take cognizance of that..

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