Values and Governance: Are they interconnected?

I am quite an avid follower of international current affairs events since I am young, it always bewilders me that mono linguistic and societies with homogeneous socio ethnic structures always do better (with the prominent examples being Germany, Sweden,  Japan and Korea)  , there is another element which differentiates them from the rot of the third world – an emphasis of public values; they lay a premium on how their leaders behave in public and they uphold the sanctum sanctorum of values of good governance. Whether these emanate from Confucian or Protestant values, these nations hold national pride in delivering the goods and upholding respect.

Although there are examples of chronic failure in standards in governance as well such as Greece and Italy (The Prime Minister having a very colorful existence ) in Europe, but they have the EU Safety Shield to protect them.  India, being my country of birth and citizenship; has a total vacuum in value driven governance. With a plethora of scams and goof ups in major events which uphold national honor such as the commonwealth games, the need of the hour in India is someone who restores Indian Pride internationally and inspires us to take up the mantle for growth and development. Nationalism is only demonstrated in India in the event of a cricket match or of a territorial conflict. With the emergence of competent leadership in the opposition camp such as Nitish Kumar, Shivraj Chauhan and above all Narendra Bhai Modi; there is hope. Dynamic leaders in the ruling establishment such as Rahulji Gandhi, Sachin Pilot and Omar Abdullah have brought some efficiency in the system. But these examples are few and far in between. A Kapil Sibal and a Jairam Ramesh can only do so much. Corruption and nepotism is endemic, these are tumors in our system.  The room for values based decision making is squeezed out.

The moment, values are brought back on the seat of power; governance will be restored to its rightful place….

2 thoughts on “Values and Governance: Are they interconnected?

  1. I would agree with your that few politicians are doing at least some work. Although it is not possible to completely eradicate corruption when so many many saints are involved 😉 .

    But yes, the first thing required is control. Control through law enforcement and by making people aware about the wrong things around us.

    And on your mention about “Narendra Bhai Modi”, I would like to tell you – if possible, go and visit Gujrat. Although we have not seen it completely, but overall the development is huge… well organised and he took all necessary measure to make communication easy from any direction to Gujrat with amazing network of roads. He may have some views which many will not agree upon, but he is showing development. It is far better in condition than few important roads in Mumbai.

    (enough for a reply i guess :P)

  2. Thank you for your Feedback and Encouragement Amitav! Control is a cognitive trigger, people only will control or moderate themselves when they see the bigger picture and can hope for the better, there is a hope deficit in India, We need an Obama!

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