The Power of Inter-Disciplinary Learning- creating a generation of solution concious

This is my first article in this month, well a few changes have taken place over the last month. I have got a opportunity to pursue Doctoral research in Science and Technology Policy at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Thus I am back to my favorite city once again- Singapore:) This research stint will be the third academic domain transition, I would be making- My undergrad engineering degree in biotechnology from Oman, my masters is in environmental engineering from NUS and my Graduate research degree will be in Science and Technology Policy.  It seems a bit strange to explain the rationale to well-wishers and acquaintances concern my academic career moves… I have had a perchant for Governance and Social issues; the intersection of Technology and the Humanities fascinates me… its a frontier where intellectual value can be created, particularly when Technologists and Scientist do not grasp the social issues and researchers in the Humanities find science, greek and latin to them. Its a risky endeavor, but something which I am excited about pursuing as a career in academia & research.

Policy and Governance issues cannot be intellectually compartmentalized. The issues that are dealt in Social Science and Policy Schools deal ultimately with critical decision making matters, concerns the lives of many at hand. A broad understanding of the various domains in science and tech policy creation will lead to better economies and societies as a whole. I would encourage educators to design programs which have a blend of the sciences and the humanities, which will create the next generation of solution creators, where innovation is the currency for competitive advantage. A right equilibrium of the right and the left brains is essential towards creating more options of ideation and innovative execution.

The tight compartmentalization and super specialization of academic domains creates less than complete individuals for the job market. More efforts towards inter-disciplinary learning should be encouraged in countries such as in South Asia to create broader mind-sets and liberated souls….

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