Writing as more than Communication

Writing is more than dishing out information, it’s about expression, aesthetics and shattering the silence. Mediocre writing is insincere at its heart. Great writing is not verbose, yet detailed enough, engaging and not indulgent. Writing is the mainstay of communication as we write emails, chat or write consulting reports. Great writing as a skills takes … More Writing as more than Communication

Note on Writing

Writing is very personal act for me. I let the stories stir me before I write them. It’s self expression, activism and performance all rolled into one bundle. There are inequities to be called out, inspiring tales to be narrated and conversations that need to be captured. Independent , fearless writing unlocks an energy which … More Note on Writing

Writing as a mode of Activism: Do the structures listen?

“I will tell you this, I may be dead, but my ideas will surely not die.”         – Saro-Wiwa, Ogoni-Nigerian Writer speaking to the tribunal that sent him to the gallows I grew up in the milieu of post liberalization middle class India and the diaspora in the Gulf resembling  a similar … More Writing as a mode of Activism: Do the structures listen?

Urbanity : tale of a guy next door through globalization

This initiative of words is an attempt to celebrate the ordinariness of a boy next door, to break the myth of the super achiever and to quite revel in the constant stream of consciousness called life. My work also attempts to make sense of the post colonial, post risk world that we reside in with … More Urbanity : tale of a guy next door through globalization

I really like p…

I really like pico iyers writing as it is like gourmet cuisine vis-a-vis fast food. Each piece authored has nutrition in every bite of a read. The FMCG-ization of writing (read Chetan Bhagat) along with a tweet a min generation has created an information addicted readership with scant regard for meaning, nuance and style. Good … More I really like p…