Home is not a set of geotagged coordinates It is the Maghreb Azzan of Taimur Masjid The sauce of the Istanboly Shwarma The familiar silence of the back alley The parkway connector in Clementi The smell of Block 708A Kopitiam These ‘homes’ are lost In the past The past is nurtured as a ‘home’ That … More Past.

New Metrics needed

ESG metrics need culture centred indicators for the regional context. All the assessment frameworks are epistemologically embedded in the global north. New metrics are needed to capture the impact. Indicators are known as the technology of global governance and impact investing or ESG centred investing needs to be anchored in culture to reap the best … More New Metrics needed

Tastes as Register

Singapore in a bottle. So many memories got flooded in, when you stumble upon the familiar taste of bottled green tea from Singapore. Sometimes I do wonder where is the home and where is the Diaspora.

Faith in the Gulf

I have always lived in Muscat now in Dubai next door to Masjid’s. I grew up to the Azzan, and find the compulsory Jumma Namaz stoppage in the Gulf,a critical break/departure in our hyper modern lives where one privileges the Almighty. Ameen.

Migration Governance as Proxy SDG for Cities: A New Framework

The frame which Sustainability operates has been reduced to a risk management smart beta, where it is a proxy for qualitative risk on a project level but the conceptual lens has great potential for understanding long term scenario planning as countries like Singapore or even other parts of the world which are human magnets (such … More Migration Governance as Proxy SDG for Cities: A New Framework