Snowman: A Movie Review

Snowman is as smooth as the Volvo and is from the same Northern Europe thriller mould as the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, again a book adaption from its namesake. The canvas it’s beautiful, with solid character actors. A good watch although strictly R18 with the gore. #changethinker #moviereviews


In the era of now Bringing money on the table Buys respect More people Fewer Opportunities In Academia, is grants In the private sector Is called Business Development In the Non Profit space It’s known as Fund Raising The bottom line is the green back Bitcoin or not Money is the fuel of the engine … More Money

The Future of Sustainability is Solutions

The Sustainability business works on two counts: regulatory drivers or it reduces cost. No social good thing works ‘sustainably’ Regulatory compliance has its roots in ecological and social justice translated in to policies and projects, undergirded by politics and law. Cost savings in a recessionary economy is the holy grail. The sweet spot is often … More The Future of Sustainability is Solutions


Writing is an act of reclamation Of stories Of truth Truth which might not be yours Of histories Of narratives of lived experiences Language is a weapon Chisel it all the time As it is used to erase identities After all

Just Writing

Well, i write For showing a mirror For voicing a perspective Not to build a brand with purpose Brands are created by authencity A punch A nudge A pat on the back Sometimes just write

Inverting the migration conversation

Stories regarding the Persian Gulf and it’s migrant communities from South Asia and the Philippines have had narratives written about them by coconut academics; brown outside, white inside pandering to western human right agendas (while western expatriates for decades have earned billions over the last fifty years of Gulf Oil Boom/ vested interests are severe) … More Inverting the migration conversation