I belong nowhere The paycheck is the destination Hence I belong everywhere The belonging is to an imagination The physical destination, is however a luxury Few can belong to

A Decade, Later.

Ten years back (no photos here), I was working at a consulting firm for projects in South Sudan in Oman, and moved in to NUS, Singapore for my terrific masters, an idealist who wanted to make the tiny red dot home to now after 4 countries, two masters and a few gigs later, a man … More A Decade, Later.

Artisanal Sweet Shop in Howrah, India:A Photo Essay

In the spirit of Prof Amit Chaudhuri @amit_chaudhuri ‘s Exhibition on Sweet Shops in Kolkata, I caught a few pics of an artisanal sweet shop in Bally, Howrah. The sweet maker was blissfully crafting his Gur Sandesh, sitting on the ground, while customers were entering the shop, while the winter sun was shyly making its … More Artisanal Sweet Shop in Howrah, India:A Photo Essay


Airports, these non places Sites of aspiration Conveyer belts of dreams Nodes of emotion Hot spots of commerce When, Skype is limiting Airports, melting pots For middle class Modernity More than civil engineers Aim for


Everyday is a mini celebration Not a litany of Instagram events Embrace the little things Surrender to the whims Be a sailor Tailor to the winds of change Be ready to burn the present As ashes can grow plants The beauty Is to be alive In the moment

Celebrate Scholarship

‘The Best of XYZ/The Next Generation’ lists are a reflection of an ingrained bias or a selection preferences of the editorial team of an organisation. But let’s look at any list from the prism of potential, rather than purely through the lens of analytical metric of social justice, or is it unfair even to exclude … More Celebrate Scholarship