A NDP Pean

There are the fancy landed properties of Bukit TimahThen there are the old HDB's of KallangThen, the newly gentrified Potong Pasir or BOT landHousing is social geography The stratification of the Lion CityIs spatialThe Smart NationIs also Survival Nation Technology is for an ever buffering future The card uncle and kopitiam aunties in Sunset WayMatter … More A NDP Pean

Gulf Kids, a Poem

Passport Country and Home are divorced conceptsOften mistaken for marriedIdentities are plural Preferred to be straight laced by nationalists Third Country (Gulf) are mosaicsLow Globalisation's childrenGrew up drinking RC ColaBinging on Sohar ChipsShwarma is staple fareMostly obese they areDisconnected from holiday homesIn Kerala Watching Asianet in a distant wayConnect more with lands that are arid … More Gulf Kids, a Poem

Digital Distributed Work: Culture Eats Culture for Lunch

Virtual or Globally Distributed Work is quite the norm now a days with start ups or behemoths, in the digital economy work via Skype on the smart phone with declining data pack prices. I have consulted with social enterprises and start ups who work lean and digital in Singapore in the recent past and non … More Digital Distributed Work: Culture Eats Culture for Lunch

On Reading, a Poem

Reading is an unknown choreSpeed glance through the headlines The click baity, the better Click share, Like or bothIt's about metricsInstant gratification, instead of understanding No wonder, fake news winsNot enough time to read Research is for the nerds Critique as a mode of reading is for humanitiesWe will glance through BuzzFeedOr MenXP, Listicles are … More On Reading, a Poem

Dunkirk: Remembering the Lived Experience of War

Dunkirk has three points of departure for the rich Nolan Cinematic Enterprise. Nolan firstly returns with a historical adaption of the Dunkirk evacuations during the Second World War by small shipping trawlers of four hundred thousand men, as the survivors at the end of the movie reading off a newspaper, Churchill's statement to the British … More Dunkirk: Remembering the Lived Experience of War

Meaningless Binaries

India has entrenched binariesMetropolitan Elite versus the hinterland Vernacular versus Cosmopolitan Now, Secular means GraftAnd Development for Majoritarianism Definitions are being reframed Although the basics stand still Food on the plateRoof on the headJob to support the familyThese are a few of everyone's favourite things