Prof Amit Chaudhuri’s ‘Friend of My Youth’ : A Book Review 

Friend of My Youth by Prof Amit Chaudhuri is a beautifully written book on the mundane mechanics of life as wonderfully articulated in texture, tonality and fine print by the author. The narrator, a author himself returns to the city where he grew up, recalls the neighbourhood vibe, the small details and his relationship with … More Prof Amit Chaudhuri’s ‘Friend of My Youth’ : A Book Review 

Farmers, Jobs and the Delusion of the Digital 

The mad rush for the digital aspects of governance in India is certainly more than achieving innocent efficiencies and increasing the tax net. The move to transform citizens into tax payers, costumers and employees is a grand neoliberal economic project in which delusions and escapism is the over riding sentiment undergirding the initiatives without focusing … More Farmers, Jobs and the Delusion of the Digital 

India-Pakistan Cricket: More than mere sport 

Sport is a backhanded way of expressing Nationalism, paraphrasing Prof Amit Chaudhuri’s statement in a recent interview in the Indian Express on his new book, which I thoroughly adored gorging on. The media hype in the aftermath of the London Attacks were insensitive, but we have normalised and internalised violence in our daily lives with … More India-Pakistan Cricket: More than mere sport 

Modi ji on a roll

Modiji extolling the virtues of the Digital through JAM at an economic summit with President Putin. The third anniversary speech in Hindi, at a foreign policy summit. The perennial election campaign mode from Mumbai to Moscow. 

Articulations about Sustainability 

Sustainability is an oxymoron, even professionals vaguely understand it as quote a definition from 1987 Brundtland Report. Sustainable development is understood to be different aspects to disparate stakeholders. The context is the king maker. Every geographic reality will have unique demands. Environmental, Social and Economic Strands are deeply intertwined in ways more nuanced than simplistic … More Articulations about Sustainability 

Ramadan Kareem 

The solace of the Magrib prayer, next door The smell of the tandoor for the elaborate Iftaar  The city-region coils into family mode Streets are empty Shops leisurely open for patrons  A celebration of faith deeply personal  Life progresses into a slower track Modernity makes space for the old MP 28th May 2017 Muscat. Aka Home