Reframing Stakeholder Engagement as Trust Building

The job of the stakeholder engagement and social license to operate communities is to foster trust and transparency in subaltern groups which are on the receiving end of the power grid of ‘development’ , technology and progress of transnational capital so as to ensure a decent conversation. Outcomes comes much later. History shapes culture and politics is downstream of culture as the saying goes. As far as infrastructure is concerned, the myth of technical best practices embedded in a defined set of values is a smokescreen at best. Each intervention context is deliciously varied, and the so called non democratic Gulf as active societies such as Kuwait. Nothing really is a monolith.

Stakeholder engagement has to be seen from a perspective of forging commonalities in a divisive era of Brexit, US Elections and Tech troubles.

#ESG as a Connector

#ESG will connect the activist fringe to the boardroom. The climate zeitgeist is changing politics and that is the best solution  to have happened to environmental issues in a while. It is no longer in the Amazon Forest, it is rather in the backyard now along with disrupting supply chains, public health, resource quality and access and the vote at the ballot box.  The distant is imminent, and in the face. #ESG will be the analytical bridge interconnecting all these disconnected subject islands into an archipelago of cohesive action.  Access to climate finance to build climate resilient infrastructure embedding the #SDG indicators is the silver bullet. Every project shall need ESG data for the smart beta to grow value through value capture. ESG also needs to be translated on the  ground. #climatechange #esia #climatefinance