Centering Dignity in Platform Work

At the heart of organizations are people who are fuel led by emotions and have agency. Platform companies are huge employment generators especially for the non-college educated youth and have made visible the informal sector work of micro entrepreneurs to the surface.

People are usually hesitant to hierarchy or control, and if people are under the whims of an algorithm which they do not understand, it is the basic premise for labor issues to trigger. The cut back on the funding is leading to reduced team sizes which might reduce the care work needed in trouble shooting.

What is needed to perform the S in the ESG is to operationalize dignity in the approach. Make it evident that platform riders and not merely blips on a map. They matter, as ultimately platform companies are in the delivery business and drones are not making that delivery, but people.

In the summer, make sure that riders have access to water and resting areas, and make insurance access easy rather than hard. There are easier ways to build brands.

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