The Epistemics of ESG

ESG as a domain needs to be powered by clarity that needs to dawn in with research that has financial numbers and a better sense of meaning making about integrated risk rather than viewing it as three separate blocks, as risk is unitary for an organization. ESG can be gauged as a combination of esg and ESG with the small letter and the capitalized letter interacting with each other in an environment that shapes the risk, the context and the nature of the sector and the industry.

The role of the evaluation and who does it also matters in the interpretive domain of ESG rankings, ratings, and impact assessments. The mental model of the evaluator will be different and dependent on the place, power dynamics and experience.

ESG impact ratings are not a monolith, it is important to read the offer details before investing. The methodology and the epistemics of it will lead to the tangible nature of risk. A decolonial or a non-Eurocentric approach is an opening into a global south understanding of ESG risk as diverse cultures frame risk differently.


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