The Training Center as Migration Infrastructure

Migration Infrastructure which is tucked into the mundane terrain of the long shadow of the global city, which is 4 MRT stops from Raffles Place. Migrants do not just land up here they pursue courses to align with skill requirements of the construction sector regulator in the home country. Returnee workers and former workers bring new waves of reinforcements as mediators in the process from the village to the global city in a transnational manner.

The politics of skill is vital as who gets to earn is dependent upon who is valuable in terms of skills. A migrant worker with a driving license of a truck makes more than a PhD scholar. Plenty of migrant workers learn in certificates and diploma programs spending substantial sums to upgrade their skills.

The sense of the mobile commons is rich as they are as global as the global parts of the city. There are graduate degree holders in engineering who work as migrant workers in Singapore making who is a migrant as a bachelor body a contested site (Ye 2014).

As mobility is normal now, migrant workers are coming in to build infrastructure here, let us remember that the migrant worker has differing gradations of precarity with many having solid middle-class backgrounds back home.

A Training Center in Geylang