An Ethic of Gratitude.

There is a saying in Hindi ‘Jis Thali Main Kahte Hain Us Thali Main Naheen Thooktein Hain’ which is as ‘One does not spit in the plate which one eats in’.

i learnt the lesson incredibly early in life as a third-generation immigrant in Mumbai and then (second generation) in the Gulf. Be grateful as an immigrant, as a temporary guest worker one is a ‘guest’.

I am grateful for the work and study opportunities which Oman, UAE, and Singapore over the past three decades has provided me and my parents as an Indian Citizen.

Keep your radical politics at home. We support our families from work that we do not find at home.



Agneeveer as a Gig Work

Agneeveer is the gigfication of the public sector, where labour pool is a plenty and opportunities are few. The phenomenon of temporary contract work is not new in the public sector as teachers are often contract based. The next step would be to hire tech firms to create a platform for matching agneeveers to security guard work.

The corporates are happy as they have another precarious pool to hire. I see the PMC recruitment booming as agneeveers head overseas to fight in conflict zones for a fee.