27k hits. A humble blog started in December 2010 in Singapore has turned full circle a decade later and 6 countries in between.

When people do give you a platform , amplify your own voice. 

Build platform with distinctive niche and gatekeepers will cite you and call you up. 

Have the josh.


Theory Building Le Thinnai Style

Le thinnai events have become the mandatory seminars to attends as it unpacks academic jargon and places them in conversation with the everydayness of popular culture, where theory in a flat digital world can be generated (a novel way of theory from below, complicating what theory/ public engagement can be. I think the platform is showing the way as another brisk season is ending.

Salaam and Solidarity from Singapore !

Clementi Kopitiam Conversations.

I have living near Block 109 Clementi on and off since 2009, studying and working at NUS and NTU. I can see same Uncles drinking beer, grown older exchanging hellos and banter whenever i cross them in the kopitiam including an ex cop Indian Uncle with ancestry from Uttar Pradesh speaking in Hindi about Mohd Rafi songs. It warms the cockles of my heart, drawing from the popular metaphor now a days.

The sense of community comes from familiar glances. The Mamak Halal Restaurant with Satya Sai Baba photos in the same neighborhood has a Gujarati fellow who upon hearing my name spontaneously asked me: Aap kya Bramhan ho? or Are you a Brahmin?

We carry residues in to the diaspora.