#BaluchistanDialogues Day#2

On the second day of the #BaluchistanDialogues hosted by @tilakchronicle and CASS, Pune has Mr. Hyrbyair Marri of The Free Baluchistan Movement speak along with Human Rights Lawyer Arif Ajakia. The session is moderated by Major Gaurav Arya.

Day one was an introduction with Major Arya speaking on India’s responsibility towards the Baloch cause called upon our government to act. Air Marshall Gokhale spoke as well to commence the online seminar.

The Online Seminar

Arif Aajakia rips apart the underbelly of the architecture of oppression in Baluchistan. From forced conversations to the wobbly basis of the idea of partition, he focused on the raw realities of a colonial state. He focused on the top down nature of the Pakistani state to implement its strategic objectives.

Mr. Marri speaks about the rejection of all shades of foreign occupation in Baluchistan from the Chinese, Turks to the Pakistanis. The speakers reject the Pakistani claim of a religious state, stating they are also of the same community of faith, but have an identity.

Mr. Marri, based in London

The two sessions spread across the weekend brought the vital topic of this space of aspirations to the spotlight of policy conversations. Excellent questions were asked and apt answers enlarged our collective understanding of the historical and contemporary dynamics of Baluchistan.

Major General Shishir Hari of CASS, Pune offered his vote of thanks in conclusion to the online seminar.

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