The Future is Now

Post COVID, a few changes will occur as the notion of ‘prime real estate’ will be dislocated as people will work more from home.

Ed-Tech will rule:Education will be transformed as a number of non laboratory programs will be fully online. Global education will be affordable for students in the global south.

Healthcare will fly: More hospitals will be built and lesser offices. Laboratory diagnostic business will boom. Hygiene services market will be the next big thing.

The ‘Home’ in the ‘WFH’: Residential homes will be bigger, and located away from city centres. One room in the apartment will be a dedicated sound proof office. I see sound proofing and better retrofitting of existing homes taking off.

Jobs: All skills based, value creation oriented paradigm of work, where reskilling though painful will be the new normal.

The pandemic just preponed the ‘Future of Work’

Any ideas?