Demonetisation Notes: The Various Sub Narratives

Nirmala Sitharaman ji in NDTV’s Davos debate, equated Demonetisation with India’s Mars Mission. Cash is now backward, while payment wallets are the same as ISRO’s space exploration excellence. This is stretching the technocratic imagination a bit too far. Amitabh Kant ji’s verbose speak to back up the digital push did not cut any ice. Harvard Economist Ken Rogoff’s expression was priceless. The Indian delegation on the panel was certainly not the best as far as intellectual firepower. The SBI Chairwoman was least convincing. Sitharaman ji’s criticism of banking corruption in the wake of the notebandi crisis was sniggered away by Arundhati Bhattacharya. Not the most cohesive presentation on India’s most disruptive public policy innovation since 1991 on the world stage. Please send Jayant Sinha or Nandan Nilekani or the Davos Men to present India’s brand. Oh I forgot everyone important is tied up with regional polls. To be fair with the current administration, the Big Bang Innovation was something anticipated by the public since 2014. A large section of the working class although troubled is content at least because of a proactive measure, even as flawed as Demonetisation. A shopkeeper once mentioned that at least a step was taken, the last PM was on silent mode. The outcomes of the measure has been shifting but the political capital invested is huge. This is truly the audacity of hope.

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