Business Development for Independent Writers: A Primer

I love self publishing, because I write on topics of impact in the tenor and grammar in which it is to be delivered. The IoT era, is the content centric era, as distribution is democratic. Thought Leadership is about social and intellectual capital and with the medium of the internet on smart phones, the independent voice gets amplified.

Self Publishing gets demonized by professional writers as they suggest that they write for their supper and that self publishing destroys the market for content. I contend that if one writes well and has a niche to cater, writing assignments will come your alley. After all, a writer is a creative entrepreneur where how one sells, is as vital to getting oneself paid.

Writing brings in the network as ideas get a life of their own as ideas achieve resonance with the target audience that the idea has in triggering a dialogue. Speaking and Training assignments are more important from a revenue stand point than a 100 dollars per a 800 word article, which is the standard rate. At this rate, it would be very complicated to meet ends leave alone invest in experiential and textual resources  to up the game.

One more aspect, i want to bring to ones notice in this post, is to resist the temptation to hard sell. Relationship building is more vital, as  ‘Waasta’ the Arabic word for connections, is girded with the notion of trust. If the client trusts the content, it is easier to up sell.

Lastly, write visions and voices and not dry data, and connect to the audience. The ROI comes much later.




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