A Year (of Writing) in Review

This day marks five years of this platform. I started the year with an audit in Sohar, Oman. Writing is what keeps me alive. In the latter part of January i moved to work at a Health Communications Think Tank in Singapore. This place gives me an opportunity to work on migration and health issues at the community level in Singapore. I love the work as it helps me to carve a dent in the ecosystem; work with non profits, activists, agencies and a superb boss who is an inspiration. I learn loads everyday. It is blessing.

I have failed too. Every new journey, tests me to the brink. I fail more and fail fast. I stretch myself, but i learn. But this has been an amazing year as i narrate below.

This year I started writing for Huff Post India, Corporate Citizenship Briefing UK and Banglar Kantha Singapore. I wrote about issues and matters which I am passionate about; migration, the region, sustainability & development and even forayed in unchartered intellectual territory such as International Relations. I have been volunteering and pro bono consulting with non profits this year, and these engagements give me the vantage point into unstructured learning and thinking a new.

I have certainly grown as a writer and researcher over the past year. I got married this year, and i have grown as a person thanks to my beautiful wife. This year has been very generous in terms of learning and growth. I pray for the same in the new year and hope to create a lasting impact in the years to come.

I end this year and half a decade of writing with almost 13000 hits. I thank my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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