Conversation with Cabbie: Singapore Part II

Today I met a super smart Chinese decent Taxi Uncle whose geopolitical understanding is better than an International Relations expert. Spoke about Narendra Modi and his developmental agenda and his ideological convergence with east Asia. He said that ‘Development leads to peace’. He said he admired Narendra Modi as he was trying to clean up the Ganges by studying the Singapore model (Singapore River and Marina Barrage), and by beating lethargy out of the system on the same lines as Late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

He also noted that Development in Singapore is about taking down 20 year old buildings to build new structures with the latest technology such as replacing copper wires with fiber optic cables. He said that newer MRT lines impact taxi driver incomes, especially along the more affluent Bukit Timah Road.

A proud Singaporean who said that his first duty is to protect the country. Respect. ‪#‎Sg‬ 

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