Modi ji is losing his way: views on Nuclear Politics and Culture Wars

(This is my first post since I have moved back to Singapore to start work as a researcher at a prominent global communications hub. I look forward to writing more often on politics, media and life in general. Keep tuned!)

The Modi Government has to understand that a combination of Chicago School Economics with identity Politics is not working as people had voted for hope and aspirations to be fulfilled in May last year and not for the rhetoric of hope. Social Welfare is in the DNA of Public Governance in India. A MNREGA and Food Security Bill as Social Sector Legislations are may be deficient in its implementation but diluting them to make space for the ‘invisible hand’ of the market is simply a mistake as the buck finally lies with the masters of the day. Social Welfare provisions are the final resort of the weak.

The optics with Obama on Republic Day are as wonderful as your speech as the Madison Square Gardens but the Nuclear Industry is (long in) waiting with bated breath to enter India to so called eradicate energy poverty for the cities as the cost of the Uranium mined in Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh in tribal impacted area. Tribals unfortunately have to pay a heavy price for industrialised capitalism as the power generated is sent to light up the cities when their own houses are relegated to medival darkness.

The dilution of the nuclear liability clause is a recipe for another Fukushima. The manner in which Environmental, Social and Process Risk and Safety Assessments are done in India are non comprehensive at best with regulators prone to bureaucratic and corporate influence and with the PMO acting as a facilitator of global capital, the author is at best apprehensive about the due diligence prior to construction of these upcoming nuclear hubs. The North Block will soon transform to a branch office of the Dalal Street.

Culture Wars, Sangh Style is taking over the discourse on values in India now a days with conversations rather than proper healthcare or education equity dominating the chatter. This is a shame as more than 20% of India are minorities and diluting their voice will only weaken our nations fabric, but also corrode the very essence of the idea of India.

Please correct ones course as the biggest lesson can often be the ballot box.

2 thoughts on “Modi ji is losing his way: views on Nuclear Politics and Culture Wars

  1. The other thing about nuclear deal that people seem to be missing is that it is more expensive electricity than solar and the insurance structuring adds to the cost of the taxpayer.

  2. I sense a very pro-congress tone in your blogs these days….You also forget that the 80% of the majority, long forgotten has now finally had a say….There may not be as much progress as claimed but next ballot will surely surprise you(unpleasantly I might add)….To quote a statement during the Food Security Bill debate on Al-Jazheera when asked why this bill made sense….’Atleast this is a start (of progress)’

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