Happy New Year: A Movie Review

Happy New Year is an exercise in cinematic excess and a Fan Girl tribute to SRK by Farah Khan. The Film is nether a thriller as its inspiration the Oceans Eleven Series, nor a complete comic spoof as Om Shanti Om nor a Dance Film as ‘Lets Dance’ or ABCD. A mashup that simply does not gel apart from stunning visuals of Dubai. Although SRK and Deepika are sincere, the film’s plot and editing could have been lean and sharp. The humor is purile and slapstick as Farah’s Brother Sajid has demonstrated in his rather elaborate cinemascape.

Vishal Dadlani and Anurag Kashyap have a gay comic scene exposing the hypocrisy of Reality Talent Shows that’s rather in very poor taste. The music for a dance based film could have been better.

The amateur attempt in evoking sentiments in Long Distance Nationalism during the film were targetted at NRI Riyals and Pounds at the Ticket Counter, and thoroughly reminded of Modi’s Madison Sqaure Garden Hysteria (there is even a Modi Look-alike in the film). SRK please head back to your Swades roots. Pun intended.

The Lahori Chole Puri and Chai with my Dad opposite my childhood theater in Ruwi after the movie really made my day.

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