Bang Bang: A Movie Review

‪Bang Bang‬ has a certain thud to it, if not the proverbial explosive boom as anticipated. Hrithik and Kat have awesome chemistry and, are the soul of the rather thin story driven venture. Stylized to the T, should have had more substantial character actors weaving the narrative of an espionage drama. Inspired from a Hollywood Thriller (How inspiring is that Mr. Anand); Bang Bang’s strength is the exotic locales of Prague, Abu Dhabi Yas Marina F1 Track and South East Asia in which the incessant action scenes are shot. Hrithik’s dancing and six pack abs plus the oozing oomph of Katrina sizzles up the screen amongst rather mediocre performances of the supporting artistes. Enough eye candy for the raging hormones. Danny as the principal negative character with Javed Jaffery as his sidekick was an interesting villain choice. Danny has a presence on screen to face-off with Hrithik.

More importantly, it was my first movie watching experience in Muscat with my Dad in a Decade. Priceless.

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