Land Acquisition & Grammar of Neo-Liberal Rhetoric: Interesting Bedfellows

Every time i switch on to CNBC TV-18 or ET Now, there seems to be a common thread which the business media in India has picked up: portraying the amended Land Acquisition legislation as the demon strangling the animal spirits of Dalal Street Capitalism. Decade long job less growth and economic stagnation of the UPA has given the Modi Administration a free hand in terming every single device of the left of centre resistance as anti-growth. Growth-ism is a totem of our post liberalization culture. Well, there is a chasm between Dalal Street and Main Street. Let the bankers of SoBo visit the chawls of Virar first.

Transnational capitalism has a unique scripture and it has its zealots who preach the word on Bloomberg, Boardrooms and Business Schools. Anyone who has differing opinions is sidelined for un-natural profits at the alter of capitalism by marginalizing communities.
The priests of the bourgeoisie also get relegated to the proletariat of the middle class as was seen during the 2008 financial crisis. India needs manufacturing jobs and that is a reality which cannot be disputed.

Let the ambit of the conversation be broader and expand the boundaries of the discourse. That makes business sense and people are not statistics.

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