The tough questions for the knowledge sector?

Global Capital is accumulated and dispersed in the hyper-connected superhighways of the ICT Sector-Financial ‘fort’ Industrial Complex. Information Technology, Finance, Consulting are the jobs which the brightest of brains in the developing world are vying for. The Nehruvian Ideal of Industries being the Temples of Modern India are passe. Manufacturing in India has been a non-starter because of draconian labor and land acquisition laws. These sectors are great, but where are the real jobs being nurtured and created?

The knowledge sector’s currency is innovation. But does everyone have the necessary skill-set of communication, analytically thinking and most importantly staying ahead of the curve. Elite academic brands dominate the market, and the elite brand is a network of exclusive contacts. This elite have the key to wealth creation? 

Globalization’s greatest gift is the service sector, but as the world urbanizes, the de-agrification occuring and gini coefficients dipping, is the knowledge sector with its call centres, consulting offices and bank terminals the panacea for growth. Strategic Infrastructure is the key to jobs. Water Supply Plants, Dams, Highways should be the operational hubs of the knowledge economy, and not offices in Palo Alto.

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