Write a fresh script

Blessed New Year Folks! A Big Thank you to all my friends who have been with me through my writing journey over the last three years. Last Year , which ended yesterday was certainly Baptism by Fire (made me grow up), so many moments of self doubt and fighting inner demons that felt me clean enough to start off on a new slate. But as I reflect, there is one break through idea that comes through.

New paradigms require different operating systems

We encounter challenges, when our inner operating system is not up to the mark vis-à-vis our functional environments. As we are biological systems, we evolve. Evolution is slower when we cling on to the past dearly. The lessons of the past are precious and hold valuable lessons. But establishing the present based on the past is where we use an old processor to run a new system. New scientific research has inferred that our genes evolve as per the social milieu that we inhabit.  Stress and loneliness are factors are common ailments of young professionals.  These two factors impact performance. It is imperative, that the expectation setting is grounded in reality than myth.  Create a new narrative as the story in the head constructs reality.

As the new year starts off on a prayer driven edifice, my  prayer for this year is simple. Find Yourself on the path to realize the true selves that we truly are.

2014, I will be tough on You. Create a future more meaningful than your past.That is our fundamental calling isn’t it?

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