Alas… I am ordinarily Human….

I am man of a few abilities; more frailties than one can count and makes a reasonable living to call himself middle class. Everyday in the media I am bombarded with visuals and text of folks who seem to be in the top 1% of their trade (the rest 99% are the aam aadmi or humble Samaritans trying to making a scraping living).  This does not imply that I am lacking confidence or aspirations. Just being realistic, taking stock of the everyday battle called life. Just like everyone, I have been through the grind; college, higher studies, first internship, first job and so on. But, this trail has been littered with debris too like grad school application rejections, failed job interviews, low scores in exams. It has taken me time to see what things I am adept and which areas in which I suck big time la. Sometimes, too many failures and missed opportunities have a bearing on ones mental frame of mind. But, I never forgot the F5 button: there is always a refresh mode to life. Starting off on a clean slate is the thing to do when pushed to the wall.  It is painful to leave an established set-up, and I have done it four times orready lor. There is nothing more emotionally over-bearing than to lose friends and a sense of community that one has invested dearly in. But looking behind too often, makes one lose vision of the future. Try and make the present a brilliant one, easier said than done but the present initiatives make the pathway for future success. Just be patient with the present.

Personal life is also life, which I have often lost track off. Parents matter and spending time with them is precious. Sometimes our parents need us more than our urge to have privacy to watch nonsense material and binge drink with pals. I have been turned down by women that I have held a torch for. I have gone into an emotional down ward spiral like most young men. But they have also inspired to look good, dress well, be responsible. Rejection by women can be amazing motivators.

These stories do not come out in Big Media. Only Zuckerburg suckers are around it seems. I like Sheryl Sandberg: She offers real advise to women like deny sex to your husband if he does not help you out in changing diapers of your baby. Amazing stuff I must say. Real People are not dead. 

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