Why Brand Modi needs to be Team Modi in order to win?

Narendra Bhai Modi has already started his campaign towards 7, RCR. He has lead Gujarat with a confidence rarely seen on the Indian political canvas. Excellent Orator, a macho image and a development czar almost in the mold of the initial years of Lee Kuan Yew, all make him a hit ticket entity for the urban youth. The recent fracas with the Wharton School withdrawing an invite, has transformed him into a sociological totem of nationalist prestige. Whenever we watch Narendra Modi, we feel the strong leadership we have missed with our current technocratic Prime Minister. He seems connected with the pulse of the nation, unlike a NGO leadership style-esque of Team Rahul. May be the National Advisory Council bug seems to have inflicted the mainstream congress too. ‘Five Star Activists’ do not win elections. Kejriwal is understanding the difference only too well.

But unfortunately for Modi Bhai, India is a parliamentary democracy unlike the United States where he is denied a visa. APCO Worldwide PR Strategy is effective but he needs more regional leaders and grassroots Sangh Parivar cadre to spread the word in Rural India. Modi needs to be a consensus man, get more allies on board apart from the Akalis and the Sena twins. Selvi Jaya Madam is sitting on the fence, characteristic of the national game plan of Dravidian parties. Nitish is blowing his own developmental trumpet with a trip to Pakistan to spruce up his minority credentials. Indian Politics is all about tokenism. That is the problem with it.

Modi needs a Shivraj Singh Chauhan and a Manohar Parrikar in his team to win comprehensively. A Rahul has a Diggi Raja and Jairam with a ‘PC’ as his henchmen. A leader from the South would help Modi.

Electoral Politics in Coalition Politics is a team sport. It is time that a ‘Team Modi’ complements the brand. Even Atal ji had a LK Advani and Jawant Singh to supplement his leadership. History holds important pointers. 


  1. If urban voters (his strength) and youth connects with him well, BJP may not even have to rely on allies that much. Magic number of 271 may seem bit farfetched for 2014, but Elections in India have produced more surprises in recent years. Voter turnout in urban area is the key though.

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