Confessions of the Obsessed

Obsessed is a trait which I have been attributed to many a time. Obsession is a characteristic which i feel is a compliment. Every creative person has idiosyncratic tendencies. This post is one among them. Obsessive is being single minded passion towards a cause. People do not present their best selves if they are not lost in their art. I get lost in my work, in my relationships which make it suffocating for others and also for myself. But thats the person that I am. Respect me or not. Love me or hate me. This is the person i am.  

A synonym for the obsessive is caring but the media has misrepresented my tribe. From Darr to Ghajni obsessive has been painted with an incorrect brush.  

I love my best side as well as i am ashamed of my worst. I am just well, Moni for the folks who love me.

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