Serangoon to Saki Naka…..

This year has been quite eventful. This year started off in Singapore and is ending off in Mumbai. Started off as a Grad Research Candidate in Singaporean University in the Liberal Arts to now as a consultant with a prominent engineering services major. From Social Research Methods to Contaminant Remediation, the spectrum has been eclectic lah!  Well, i moonlight my days as a writer and a social sector contributor in my very small way too. Writing and expressing myself in the written word has been a passion since my teenage years. Contributing to the public discourse as an aaam admi is vital and web 2.0 has made it even easier.

Serangoon for the uninitiated is an area in Singapore and an interchange on the purple and yellow lines of the MRT. Quite a major locus of the public transportation hub in the tiny red dot. Saki Naka is a major intersection in the suburbs in Mumbai. Busy is a gross understatement. Serangoon is a metaphor for a quite residential HDB Town with a brand new expanded MRT with a new shopping mall next door. It stands for renewal in a way. Saki Naka on the contrary symbolises the raw energy and dynamism of an urban megapolis in the developing world with upcoming office blocks of glass capturing the uneasy globalization with thesis office blocks emerging out of former slum housing. The dialectics of growth and progress. Stands for hope on one side of the coin but sacrifice on the other. This year has quite been in that vain. Sacrifices of a past life have laid the pathway for the future. Dropping out of my second grad program was not easy but the opportunity to enter ‘real world’ was equally tempting, so hence took the plunge in to the deep end of the pool. From a life of planned surety of Serangoon to the dynamic chaos of Saki Naka, this year has been one hell of a journey, for the better professionally atleast.

I still yearn for the serenity of Serangoon but the traffic of Saki Naka teaches me a lot more everyday. And I am thankful for my Blessings and have learnt to treat Chapati and Noodles with equal wattage. Though I love Teh more 😉

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