A Letter from a Normal Guy

Dear Ms. Perfect

I am pretty normal guy, from a middle class family who has worked hard to make it here, well not exactly have made it from scratch to call ‘myself’ a self-made man, which makes a huge difference to your psyche that ‘he does not consider his fathers money’ to be his. I am not a ‘Mahatma in that context, my parents have worked hard to give me a good education and i have done decently myself academically to land myself a good job to live a decent existence in a megapolis. Yes, i live in my parents apartment, but does that hurt my self esteem, the answer is a big no as this is the place where i grew up.

I am not shy from taking risks, as i understand that i person who does not take his chances in life, fails at that very moment. One does not have to be all sorted all the time.’ Getting my priorities right’ has never been my forte, but i do well in whatever i do as i am versatile enough. Life is a story written in present tense and not the past. Things dont have to be in picture perfect mode, life is messy and sometimes things do get edgy but i aint apologetic about it. 

The society and the media socially constructs a picture of a ‘man’ which is splendid challenging to achieve. When you see Siddharth Malhotra from Student of the Year flaunting his six pack abs, you drool and hence this particular physical aspect becomes a part of your dreamy ‘check-list’. One has to be dressed like a Calvin Klein Supermodel all the time, speak like Amitabh and be smart as a University Physics Professor, and ofcourse be rich as an Investment Banker to pay for your shopping expeditions. Which Utopia are you living on?

And oops i forgot, one has to have a sense of humor and wit and smell Hugo Boss all the time. Just Brilliant.

Well, I don’t know how to drive a car or a bike, hence i cannot take you on your long rides where the wind can be felt through your locks. I am sorry, but driving through Indian roads is not a great proposition to me atleast.

Well, what one is a person who cares more than oneself, is supportive may be mundane but genuine in this actions.

With Love and Prayers

Normal Guy


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