Missing the woods for the trees: can real reform be implemented finally?

Over the past few days, i have greatly resisted to write anything about the FDI issue which i have written about in the past. FDI in Retail according to many is not the most singular pressing reform issue facing the present administration in Delhi. I am supportive of FDI in Single Brand Retail, in Luxury and Consumer Products like an IKEA or an APPLE Store or even a Barnes & Nobles or a Borders for Book Store Retail. I would like major Coffee Chains like Starbucks and Seattle Coffee/ Second Cup to replace the miserable expresso which i drink from CCD vending machine in my office everyday.

FDI in Multi Brand Retail involves agri commodities; the power centre will move from the ‘Mandi’ to the Corporate Offices in Bentonville, Arkansas. The ordinary farmer who feels helpless and indebted to the loanshark and the dalal, can’t fight the local businessman, is now expected to expect rights and respect from Corporate MBA-wallah type folks, Naaah…. Media seems to be peddling a dangerous, illusion in the name of Agri based Food Chain FDI. And Food  Cold Storage Infrastructure  can be bulit by the Mahindra’s and Tata’S Too. I am not calling for protectionism, just pragmatism.

The concentration of the present regime seems to be on stuff which are totally diversionary from the actual matters of effective governance. They are seemingly more interested in Social Media Censorship, and getting cartoonists arrested than delivering reform where growth synergies will be discovered and so called ‘animal spirits’ unleashed to unshackle the economy out of its policy paralysis.

Can we now get real stuff done please, like Infrastructure and Rural Reform, otherwise the Crown Prince will have to remain one for a while.

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