A Caffeine Intoxicated Journey through the Cafes

Cafes are places which i love in general; a warm cup of coffee, some music and a book in my hands just make for a prefect setting, whether i am sitting with a pretty girl or not (naah, a pretty girl’s company adds color to the conversation). Cafes are awesome places to chill, observe interesting fashion trends and gently study group behavior. The more aesthetic cafes i have been to are on the waterfront or the beach. A cup of coffee in Clarke Quay, Singapore or a Jumeirah Beach Dubai are beautiful. Cafes in Star Hotels are the places where one can see celebrities in flesh and blood, and not on TV.

Malls are the Public spaces which people share in order to have social interactions all over the world. This is indeed a symbol of Americanized monoculturization but it is indeed very function- hence it thrives. The Starbucks and the Coffee Beans of the World are my comfort zone. A cup of coffee at Shatti Al Qurum Starbucks is something i look forward to. Even the Cafe Coffee Day opposite my apartment block in Mumbai is a place i hang out after work. As Starbucks is not available in India yet, Costa is decent substitute with its cafe Mocha. Barista Lavazza has a smooth Moroccan Mint Green Tea which is nice on my tastebuds.

Now i will take you on a little tour of my favorite coffee shops in Singapore. The Pacific Coffee Company in Harbor Front Singapore at Vivo City Mall is my current Favorite. The view overlooking the Passenger Ferry Terminal is priceless. The Coffee Coniessuer at Clarke Quay with its Straight Black ‘Columbia Supreme’ is the best Black Coffee ever. The Tully at the Orchard Central has a better Coffee of the Day than even a Starbucks. The Turkish Cafes along the Corniche in Muscat have their own essence too.

A Cafe is not only about the coffee, it is the ambiance, the culture, the service, the people and most importantly the conversation. Lets see where my next cuppa takes me next as I don’t like to dilute my Caffeine stream 🙂 

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