Bollywood goes real

I have been very happy to note that Bollywood films are going realistic in terms of their ending especially in love stories.  Ek Main aur Ek Tu had a serious real ending, the women is older by a year and becomes friends with the guy who falls in love with him; And more importantly the lady stays good friends with the guy who loves her. She likes him because the guy because he is ‘perfectly average’ and not because he is a super stud, a person will a normal guy wont be able to be.

Superheros are good to watch on screen, might not be all that good in real life actually! We go to the movies for escapist Bollywood fare but is refreshing to find the ‘real’ getting space in a manufactured ‘dream’.  Teri Meri Kahani another very contemporary film is just the opposite; the old boy meet girl story with inter-temporal treatment over three geographies. The end storyline is that the boy gets to marry the girl and they live happily ever after. It is a feel good factor when we leave the theater after spending 400 bucks on tickets and popcorn but it is different connect the director makes when we get a taste of reality in an artistic, aesthetic manner.

Cocktail has dealt with relationships in a very progressive manner. A love triangle in which the  super hot party animal Veronica dates the super stud playboy Gautam and Veronica’s Friend Meera from India, whom she is helping out is the third locus in the love triangle. Veronica is madly in love with Gautam and Gautam is in love with the plain jane Meera and Meera eventually succumbs to the charms of Gautam, yes as the film tagline goes – Love is complicated and Relationships are confusing, so are in real life. The best part of the film is the mature handling of the narrative. In one scene where Meera, Veronica and Gautam are sitting across a kitchen table and Gautam says to Veronica: You love me, I love her (pointing to Meera) and the tense situation is diffused in a cordial manner.

The times when audiences will buy sweet endings is passe. Real is the new cool. Bollywood is understanding the pulse of the urbane multiplex going viewer finally.

3 thoughts on “Bollywood goes real

  1. I dont agree with the real deal as well – and the ending in Cocktail suggests that party going girls do not make good wives, while demonstrating that a man who has slept with practically every girl who walked by him can end up with a Ms. good-two-shoes like Meera! Chauvinism anybody?

    1. It is indeed sad that the film accentuates Typical Indian Stereotypical Notions; I would have preferred a fair ending with Veronica marrying Gautam. The ending portrays the hippocracy in our society in a way 😦

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