Discontinuous identities: Our ‘manufactured’ self online

In this age of post idea, consumerist societies that we reside in and i do not wish to sound like i am writing a term paper for a social theory grad course but as an avid social media enthusiast who has been an active participant on social media platforms since 2008, i can accept the emotional cost of creating a self which is not totally you; you wish to be that in your real life but simply cannot hence we try to create an illusionary identity which is not truly us. Hence this identity is discontinuous with our real self in the flesh and blood world. This is troublesome and inconsistent; gives rise to schizophrenic situations. I have this insatiable hunger like any other word artist to be liked. Evolution is good, transformation is necessary but this constant ‘approval addiction’ kills ones own self worth. The likes on facebook and the shares give this need an acknowledgement and a filler up. A Re-tweet from a prominent person who follows you can give you an ego boost.  It is ego play at the end of the day.

The perennial micro-managing of social media profiles has a really damaging effect on self perception. If a certain person does not respond to a message or a tweet, it dents your morale for a flicker of a second. A Cyber Sanyaas or a Digital Fast is so necessary. There is a life beyond virtual existence. There is also a life beyond people approving you.  We need to connect with ‘The Man Inside my Head’ to appropriate Pico Iyer’s latest literary endevour  in this situation.

Which Identity are we comfortable beneath our skin? Think about it.

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