A V Day Letter

Dear Friend

Its Valentines day yet again!! This is one day that single guys like me post status messages, especially funny ones to heal the   burden of being, well what else but the fact of being single! Its almost been ages for me on this planet, observing the festival of love being celebrated in three different culturally distinctive regions of Asia. From the conservative to the liberal, call it globalization, neo-liberalization or Americanization; V Day is a global metaphor for celebrating the emotion of love, of being wanted, the irresistible feeling of being cherished and to cherish someone special. Whether it is  youth of Meerut (Or any other Tier 3 town) in India calling it ‘Pyaar ka Teohar’ or the festival of love, this day has evolved in to a life of its own divorcing itself from the traditional religious baggage.

Films such as Pyaar Ka Panchnama show the frailties of being in a relationship and all the emotional complexities that a young guy in a relationship goes through.  It is true to a large extent that relationships are hard to maintain. It is a work in progress and takes effort. But if two souls are willing to create magic then the magic is certainly present. And as always the best relationship advice comes from a friend who is perennialy single 🙂 Relationships have power dynamics but start off with the chemistry which is ethereal and magical. Lets celebrate the magic once again on this day.

This is one day where either we feel the sense of relief that our wallets are not being lightened or we want to feel that moment, which is truly priceless, even if the credit card statement for the next month is going to give one a bad financial hangover. Card Shops, Eateries and Coffee Chains make a killing on this day. Cannot find a decent place in a restaurant this evening for sure as love soaked birds would be sharing a wonderful time together. Well this makes me feel even better 😦

The World requires more days of Love, or celebrating, acknowledging the sanctity of love than strife and conflict. How many days in our globalized calender do we remember which glorifies strife. Media channelized new content is predominantly bad news, or gossip which is meaningless. How many days of our lives do we consciously  make a effort to demonstrate an act of kindness. This day is filled with symbolism, and symbolism is per say not bad if the essence behind the razzmatazz and hype is worth it.  Every day is worth living and loving to the full, every second of it. This is what creates the energy to live in the darkness around us. We need nodes like V Day in our lives, to channelize the emotion of love and bring the heart back in the mind-space instead of dry rationality that envelops us.

Most of my V Days since the past few years, are spent at School (Grad School) doing assignments, readings, meetings. In short its a normal day, very normal.  But the buzz around is special, that what makes it a special day. This year too will be no different, as my sing my favorite Adnan Sami Track – Kabhi To Nazr Milao to glory over Green Tea!

Have a Great V Day Friend, even if you are in a relationship with some one, or in a relationship with life itself, such as me:)

How can you know my madness till you become mad with me ?

With Love

Change Thinker

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